Cloudpanel ghost

Does ghost installation on cloudpanel make sense?

Yes! I love CloudPanel. It’s a pleasure to use for the same reasons I love Ghost:

It’s free, very simple-to-use, uncluttered, and uses very minimal resources.

It’s an efficient way to host and manage multiple Ghost sites on a VPS.

In addition, CloudPanel has built-in Nginx/Reverse Proxy so makes it easy to install, host, and manage other types of sites on the same server along side Ghost. (Wordpress, Drupal, Discourse, etc.)

I’ve been using it on my Hetzner dedicated server.

I am using CloudPanel and Ghost, it’s easy to install and manage both Ghost and CloudPanel. Also, they have great tutorial to setup Ghost.


Hi. I always become this:

Message: The directory /home/ is not readable by other users on the system.
This can cause issues with the CLI, you must either make this directory readable by others or install node and Ghost-CLI in another location.

And can’t fix that. Regards

In CloudPanel, use:

ghost start --no-setup-linux-user (for start)

ghost restart (for restart)

ghost update --no-setup-linux-user (for update)

Thank you very much. It starts, but i had to update my Nginx Config too, like hier: Ghost reverse proxy configuration - avoiding infinite redirect loops , if someone needs that. Regards