Code example repository

I have been writing some short code snippets for various needs, and would like to share them with others. Is there a Ghost code repository somewhere for user-submitted code? If not, could we start one, perhaps somewhere in the Forum? Or, perhaps a wiki somewhere?

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U can share here :+1:t2::innocent:

This sounds very interesting. Thank you for the offer. Have you considered a Github repo?

I could do that — I have a github account — but I was thinking something either on here, or as part of the documentation.

I suppose I could start sharing them in a new topic, and ask the forum moderators to consider a new category in the forum.

I think I’ll wait a day or two to see if anyone else responds, then perhaps start posting them here.

Hi Bruce,

Just last week I created a repo and wiki exactly as you described. Great minds think alike! :slightly_smiling_face:

Give me a few days to put some polish on it and I’ll post it here.

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Excellent! Let me know so I can share. Thanks!


Looking forward to the GitHub link for the snippets.

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It will be posted here later today :partying_face: In the meantime, feel free to join our unofficial chat group on Slack, as well, where we discuss themes, integrations and sharing code snippets (I’ve created a channel specifically for chatting about code snippets and where new snippets will be announced as they are added to the repo).

This sounds very interesting. I’m excited :smiley: