Coding in custom pages in Ghost

I want to know if it is possible to code in custom pages that are not articles into Ghost.
I’m a Developer coming over from Drupal and there I would create a custom module and define the content, form, list, etc. that I need at the specific path.
I’m also looking to generate dynamic paths, eg. /yesterday /today /last week where each page would show the number of articles posted on that day.
I figure I would probably need to code some NodeJs and I am comfortable doing that. Is this type of extension supported by Ghost?

Judging by what you are aiming to achieve I believe making use of the Ghost Content API makes most sense. This will allow you to create any type of filter you want, including based on dates.

There is a Javascript API that enables you to do filtering too, as shown in the documentation

published_at:>'2017-06-03 23:43:12' - looks for posts published after a date, using a date string wrapped in single quotes and the > operator

In order to route the visitors to the right page you’ll have to set up some Routing