Signin Registration and Invalid Email

I noticed that the registration is successful both from the Sign-in page and from the Sign-up page.

So even if I am not registered, and request the sending of the link from the Sign-in page it works the same and I am registered.

is it my problem or is it done that way?

Furthermore, many emails are not accepted.
I register correctly with gmail, and with my company’s email.
But if I try these domains for example, I find that the email is invalid:


From console:
500 (Internal Server Error)

Hey @giacomosilli. That’s expected behaviour for signin and signup forms, you can find out more about how the fallbacks work in our docs:

As for those domains, would you be able to clarify if this is a self-hosted version of Ghost or Ghost(Pro)?

Hey David, what’s the difference between a signup and subscribe form? I don’t get it, as the documentation doesn’t really explicitly say :slight_smile:

  • data-members-form="signup"
  • data-members-form="subscribe"

data-members-form="signup" – If a member uses this form they will be sent a sign up email…
data-members-form="subscribe" – If a member uses this form they will be sent a subscribe email…

The data attribute values are designed to give you more control over what the user of the form will see in their inbox :slightly_smiling_face:. If you try them out you’ll see the different emails arrive in your inbox

This is a self-hosted version of Ghost.
I’ve never had any problems with Ghost, only this form seems to work only with gmail and a few other.

as I said in this post:

there is no difference, the registration works from both forms signup / signin.

In addition, the same email arrives with the same text and design in the case of both login / registration / payment

I’m going to answer the original query here as there’s a lot of questions in this thread that are either being answered elsewhere or could have their own thread created

The emails may be being blocked by the server itself, depending on your hosting provider they may have only allow certain email domains through. It’s recommended you setup emails with something like Mailgun: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

I will try this way too, but it is strange, I have other platforms on other VPS of the same provider, like prestashop and wordpress, I don’t have this problem.

You’re actually looking for data-members-form="signin" in side the tag.