Configuring Members -- email setup


QUESTION: I just installed Ghost a week or two ago. Using DigitalOcean for hosting. I am playing with the Members feature and have noticed two things:

(1) It takes quite a long time for a validation email to be sent when a member signs up.
(2) Consequently, I think the link expires before I can click it and verify the membership.

Would configuring Mailgun solve this problem?

Hi @Stephen_Hebert,

the members API get’s called right away.
So it’s most likely a delay by your mail provider.
Are you sending the transactional emails via mailgun? (what have you configured in the config.production.json)

Could also be your inbox that is not updating fast enough.

Not using Mailgun at present. Was hoping to test Membership out before signing up for Mailgun.

I have not messed with config.production.json. So that would be whatever the default is.

If you didn’t change the config, then it would send the emails directly with the configured mailserver on your digitalocean droplet.

Bit the bullet. Signed up for maligun. Got everything configured. All is well now.


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