Membership Query - Mailgun API Settings Working?

Hi all

I’ve just freshly installed the latest version of Ghost on a fresh Lightsail instance. Everything works as expected except when I try to get the membership feature, or ghost in general, to send emails. I just get a message saying server error. Everything is authenticated and ready to go at Mailgun, but I don’t think it is even reaching Mailgun.

I know this feature is in beta, but has anyone else had success or failure with this feature within the labs page also?

I could edit the code to use the SMTP options of Mailgun, but I wanted to try and get the API feature working, and now it is bugging me :slight_smile:

Thanks for all help.



This screenshot shows the settings I have inserted, but I just get a ‘server rejected’ message and the mailgun logs show nothing.

“Mailgun domain” is most probably (should you have added your root domain to mailgun)

Thanks for the suggestion Pat, but I definitely set the domain to

So, (I mean, only that, not the full https link you now have) is what I suggest you should have in your “Mailgun domain” in the screenshot you’ve sent.

Having said said, I went through difficulties when using a subdomain (like you are doing) (which is a pity, since bulk emails should optimally be sent via a subdomain) and ended up going back to Mailgun and creating a “Mailgun domain” for my root domain and then declaring that in Members --> Email settings (in your case This fixed it for me.

@rjmarsden which emails are failing exactly? There are two mail configs in Ghost:

  1. Transactional: configured in your config.production.json file (see docs). Used for staff user invites, member signups/logins, and the “test email” button in labs
  2. Bulk email: configured under the member settings in Labs. Only used when sending posts to your members when the option is selected when publishing posts

Thanks Kevin and Pat. Let me check both of these and confirm.

Thinking about it, I think you have both fixed my issue though.

Thanks @Kevin and @pateskinasy. both your posts got me thinking. I was using the incorrect domain within the bulk section, and when I changed the transactional email settings to SMTP in the json file it worked as well.

All sorted, thank you both very much :+1: :+1:

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