Contact Form Template not working

Hi, we started a new website on and want to have a contact form. We created a page with the contact template, but it doesn’t work, so I’ve delinked it in the menu for now.
We changed the email address in the backend but I guess there are different settings to do for this particular form ? No idea where to do this and how. I searched the forum but the last posts are from 2 years ago.
We are using the latest Ghost version and a custom template on Ghost Pro.

Thanks so much for the help !

Hey, welcome to Ghost!

Ghost itself doesn’t include a contact form functionality, so I would assume this was implemented by the person that created your custom template?

I found the contact form here. It’s a normal HTML form that has its method set to POST, but no action set:

So, the browser is just “posting” the form content to the /contact route, which doesn’t know what to do with it.

If you hired someone to do that custom theme for you, it’s probably best to reach out to them. You will need some sort of server/function somewhere (Zapier/Make webhook?) that can take on that POST request and do something (e.g. notify you) with it.

More on the action attribute here:

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Hi @YvesVDM!

For the form to work, you need to configure it according to the theme documentation => Ikken [4.2.0] — User Documentation