Content API OG Title and Description Empty but Not in Admin UI


We are using ghost headless but having some issues with the all the correct head fields being displayed. In the example below, the admin UI is showing the OG descriptions has inherited the meta description which is good. But when I look in head of a blog post, the OG description content is blank. I have included a screenshot of our template mapping of fields.

So in this instance should the content API provide the meta description via the OG description field like the UI?

Hey @cheersevans, this is currently the expected behaviour.

Ghosts API returns the raw fields, and then we use helpers to determine what to output in the UI/blog. So we have code that calculates which fields should fallback to what.

As much as possible, the code that we layer on top of the API to produce output is shipped out in the SDK repository as a bunch of helpers: SDK/packages at main · TryGhost/SDK · GitHub

Sadly, the code that calculates the fallbacks for meta data hasn’t been moved there yet. Instead it still lives in the meta folder:

Hopefully though, this explains what you’re seeing.