Create 3 unique blogs on one domain (for 3 seperate people :,,


As the title says, I would like to feed a premade site with three blogs (I will be the admin, and there will be two authors)

  1. Could you point me to a specific tutorial / document that can guide me in how to set this up ?
  2. I guess I will have local panel to post my content, but where would the authors post content ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @friend101 :wave:

You can find a tutorial for 1) here:

For 2), everyone will use the same panel, but everyone should be an “Author”. This will give them the ability to publish in your blog (because they can add the tag).


I recently set up a Ghost site exactly like this. I wrote up what I did here: How to create two (or more) blogs from a single Ghost installation Hope it helps!

I recommend also the link from @vikaspotluri123 above from the Ghost Tutorials, which helped me figure it out :+1: