Create a Spanish translation of a website

Hi there, I’m looking at ways to create a Spanish version of my website Crypto Fireside. Basically I want it to become a multi-language website. I found this explanation for Ghost:

"Multi-language content

A multi-language content site supports multiple languages at the same time, like publishing in Spanish and English.

If you plan on publishing different content in each language, we recommend one Ghost install per language. Our experience shows that this approach is not only the easiest to get off the ground, but it’s also the most sustainable long-term.

If you’re publishing the same content in different languages, then we recommend using a service like WeGlot or Transifex."

I want to publish the same content in Spanish and English, but I don’t want to use WeGlot and Transifex - I have serious doubts that their automatic language translation will be of high quality, especially for crypto-related content which is full of specific terms. So can someone help with a solution, I am basically looking for a way to translate the menus, add Crypto Fireside en Español version, and start translating the older and future blog posts? At the same time, I’m new to Ghost, and I don’t feel my technical knowledge is good enough to make some highly technical, coding-related stuff that could break everything. If only there was a simple few button-clicks solution… :smiley:

Hola Julian.
Viendo tu página veo que lo pudiste lograr. ¿Me puedes contar cómo lo hiciste?

Estoy creando un nuevo blog y pienso igual que tu sobre las herramientas automáticas de traducción.