Creator hardware for your workflow

Hey :wave:

Bit of a random question but curious to know what everyone’s device of choice is for your creator workflow.

I am also quite keen to buy an iPad Pro and ditch my laptop, but unsure if iPad can support web development.

Thanks in advance

iPad Pro M2
MacBook Pro M1
MacBook Air M2

Right now I use a large workstation computer with a 34" monitor and a Boox tablet. I’m only using Android or Linux, which has both challenges and rewards. Apple is somewhat like the opposite version of that haha! I hear really great things about the new iPad Pro - I read that it’s practically perfect, especially for designers! Seems like that’s a solid choice if you are in and like the Apple ecosystem.

May want to reconsider, using an iPad with ghost backend.

To be honest I manage to write posts on my iphone but with some fiddling about.

If the ipad experience is anything like the iPhone then it would be a hinderance to a good workflow.

If anyone is successfully using an iPad Pro on the ghost backend then please let me know.

It seems Apple is blurring the lines between a computer and tablet so in the not too distant future I hope to be able to use an iPad for ghost. Hint hint Ghost employees :hugs: