IPadOS and Ghost

I know many people have struggled with Ghost not working in iOS (or, at least, not working well.)

Well, happily, it seems to be very much functional in iPadOS 13.1, at the very least. It’s not quite perfect - it can occasionally be hard to trigger Ghost’s own selection context options. But it’s more than usable. I’m hopeful that - with a few tweaks on the Ghost end - we’re pretty much there…

Here’s my first post created entirely in Safari on iPadOS:

iPadOS & Ghost


Amazing! Very happy to hear this :smile:

Great to hear! And thanks for sharing your experience here :sparkles:

Update on this — Overall I’d say the Ghost Koenig editor is “usable” in iPadOS, but not a complete experience yet as at late October 2019. I’m using an iPad (2019) with a keyboard that I bought as an experimental temporary replacement while 95% of my MacBook is being replaced under warranty (I need a lightweight backup device as I travel a lot and rarely am near a computer repair store).

Things that work

  • I can type. Using iOS/android browser, when you type the cursor moves around, so I may type a few letters, and the cursor will move to the beginning of the word
  • I can scroll around
  • I can access the context menu and insert images
  • I can navigate around the admin console

Things that don’t work:

  • Selection using finger is often unresponsive. It might bring up a “select” menu, but then I can’t select anything. If I manage to select a word, I can’t expand the selection.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts works, but often just in one line. So I can’t use a shortcut to delete a sentence spanning a few lines, or delete a paragraph.
  • As @adders said, it’s hard to bring up the context menu. So I use the Markdown shortcuts to type.

Basically “passable” but it’s not how I’d choose to write.

Still, that’s a big improvement over how it worked in iOS! If I had an iPad already, I could use it in an emergency — something I previously couldn’t do. But I think I’ll get a Chromebook as my backup.

Apart from Koenig/Ghost - I can’t find a decent free image compression tool to hyper-compress JPGs with good quality in iOS. I had one in Mac OS and one in Android.

I’m not sure if it meets the “hyper-compress” standard, or if it will work on iOS (since I don’t know how well webkit supports wasm), but Squoosh is a PWA that does that!


Awesome - thanks for noticing that side-note with a great recommendation.

On Mac OS I use ImageOptim, and on Android I use Lit Photo. They both deliver similar results. This web app has similar results too!