Run Ghost Blog/Site on iPad Pro?


Is it possible to create and manage a Ghost blog/site on an iPad Pro?

I’ve read posts about issues inserting images etc etc.

Just want to make sure first.

Cheers in advance.

I’ve had no issues adding images to Ghost on an iPad Pro. The best thing you could probably do to test this for yourself is sign up for a trial of Ghost Pro - it won’t charge you for the first 14 days, and that’ll give you two whole weeks to play about and see if you have any issues.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey, I run a site on Ghost (Pro) on my iPad Pro and I have no issues.

The only big difference compared to using a computer, is the clunky Files interface. Once you learn how to use it there should be no issues.

Oh for some reason Safari on handheld devices render things slightly different than on macOS. Prepare to scroll and pinch to zoom in/out in order to see all content. It’s evident on the Create Post/Page pages for example, where I have to pinch to zoom out in order to see the options and publish button.

That’s the quirks I’ve come across so far :slight_smile:.

On top of using directly Ghost in the browser, you can also use a client app.

I personally use Ulysses (on a Mac) but they also have a pretty powerful iOS version too. You write your post in Ulysses and the app uploads everything on Ghost (including images). Just note that at the moment, Ulysses can’t update a Ghost post – you need to do it in the web interface. But they recently released an update that allows to update WordPress posts and said more platforms will be supported soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghost is the next one.

I second Ulysses, but if you don’t want to have a subscription, IA writer also offers the ability to publish on Ghost.

that said, Ghost is not mobile friendly. That means that mobile devices are not fully supported. For example, on my iPhone SE 2 there’s a bug in the interface that prevents you to access the settings (you can do that settings in the url). iPads use a different iOS, and at least the Pro (not sure about others) have a desktop-like browsing experience, so you can be pretty confident using Ghost admin on the iPad Pro.

I did a quick test with my first generation 9,7 inches iPad Pro and it seems working pretty good, even though here and there you have to jump from a section to the other in a different way you’d do on a desktop, by clicking the the area you want to go instead of closing the overlay window.

I guess you can even manage a self hosted blog with Ghost on the iPad.

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I had no idea IA Writer also support Ghost, it’s good to have alternatives!

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