Critical security notification keeps displaying even after updating to the latest version

The following notification still displays in Ghost admin, even after updating to the latest Ghost version.

“Critical security update available — please update Ghost as soon as possible”

Ghost version: 4.8.0

I have cleared my browser cache and even ran “ghost buster” in the terminal, but the notification wouldn’t go away.

Thanks for the report @entresean. From a quick look it seems to be related to Ghost "About" page no longer indicates when an update is available · Issue #13088 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub which is being fixed right now. Please track progress on that issue to keep int the loop for the fix :wink:

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I see that the issue on Github is now closed.

I’ve updated my Ghost installation to version 4.8.2.

The notification still lurks at the top of my Ghost admin.

I’m curious if this means the security vulnerability is still in my installation — even after updating to the latest version.

We had a few extra releases with fixes. This one is not released properly I believe. Should be out some time this week!