Custom articles with call to actions

Hello all, I am just getting setup with ghost - and my question is more strategic on how to achieve my goal.

I recently did my layout in pure html and css for my blog.
The first page is:

As the user advances to the next page, the layout is slightly different.

Additionally for the blog post details, i want custom stylings. For instance, first paragraphs have a different font size than the rest, block quotes are of one or two sizes and color styles, etc.

If i use ghost to pass the entire blog portion as html and css, what would be the best ways to get these call to actions connected to my website?

Whats easiest to achieve, having my content looped in angular as the html is already setup and having ghost publish articles to the backend and then displaying them, so i can have easier access to my website api? Or doing the entire front end on a ghost theme and connecting the ctas with my website through apis?

If i pass the data as text, i assume i loose all the formatting of the content.
My website runs on Angular 10.

I plan on running ghost locally on a vm in Gcloud. Currently on the last version of ghost cloud.