Post pages customization (custom components alternative)

Hello. I am facing some difficulties while working on a custom Ghost theme.
Long story short, I’ve been looking for a substitute of custom components/cards.
I am aware of custom fields are not being supported in Ghost technology, hovewer I’d love to try finding another solution. What I need to do is custom blocks of content for each of the posts, slightly more advanced than Ghost’s editor offers. For example:

While the ‘overview’ section’s text section may be simply handled with setting each post’s excerpt as the content source, it get’s more difficult when it comes to the div on the right. Each post should contain different background picture and text values.

I’ve had multiple ideas of solving this issue, for example creating external json file with all the custom data.
I’m afraid that simpliest solution is the best in this case and it would be optimal to simplify the page’s design and get rid of any component-like blocks of content I’ve mentioned. Hovewer, I’d be grateful for any piece of advice.