Custom Email Configuration - Failed to send magic link email

You have the same error, i.e., sender email rejected.

Make sure your credentials for are correct. For example, does it require an app-specific password? Moreover, the sender and authenticated user probably need to be the same for your service unless you create an alias for the alternative address.

No luck. Any other suggestions.

What did you try or check?

From the Private Email support pages I note:

Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 port for SSL, 587 for TLS/STARTTLS

Outgoing server authentication should be switched on, SPA (secure password authentication) must be disabled.

Have you followed their guide? If not, double-check your email settings.

You could test the connection using an SSH session and SWAKS.

You can install this using APT on Ubuntu. A test would look something like this:

swaks --to TEST-EMAIL --server smtp.privateemail:587 -tls --auth-user

I’ve used STARTLS (587) since this is preferable to 465.

Connection test was successful but even after changing the port I still am facing the same error.

Why you don’t use SMTP Mailgun instead, it just cost you 5 minutes to create account and free. BTW, Mailgun is used for ghost newsletter, you must have one for sure.

I had already bought a domain and a mail box for it is necessary for me to use that only. It is kind of a task which I have been given.

Maybe my contribution to this conversation is too obvious, but for me the solution was to correctly place the link I created in mailgun. As you can see in the image.

In ghost you have 3 things about email:

  1. Email Transaction which should use SMTP like Amazon or Mailgun for better delivery. Setup with config.json.
  2. Email Newsletter which use Mailgun API, you can setup from ghost admin.
  3. Mailbox to send/received the support email which setup on ghost admin too. It will need you verify to change support email address.

I personally always use Mailgun for 1 and 2 to save time and better productivity because it is easy setup.

You have a Namecheap Mailbox which can use for 3. Not totally waste money.

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This service is essentially for receiving email, and isn’t a relay service.

Nonetheless, it’s not clear what diagnostic steps you’ve taken. Did you, for example, manage to send a test message via SWAKS? The error message suggests that the problem is with your email service, and it would be good to confirm this.

Moreover, simply changing port to 587 won’t work as you’ll need to adjust the config for TLS and insecure negotiation.

This is for newsletters, not transactional email.

Same here, and the ideal solution. The OP should do this, and use Private Email for receiving messages.

I tried SWAK. It sends the test email successfully.