Custom fields that show up once logged in


Happy New Year!

I’m new to Ghost & just want to know if this simple? thing is possible…

Is it possible to add a custom field that only appears if someone has logged in?

I’m wanting a download link (unique to each story/post) to appear below the post/story if the user is Logged in.

The WordPress equivalent is this -
I’m able to show a field in a public post if the user is logged in.

Hope you understand what i’m after!

Kind Regards


Hello @samcam,

Welcome to the Ghost community !

As far as I know, Ghost has no custom fields functionnality (and probably won’t have ?).

That said, the Ghost team plans to deliver a version of Ghost with membership functionnality, which could perfectly fit your need, I guess (showing this button with a sort of “is_member” or “is_login” conditionnal tag).



That sounds like exactly what I need! Hopefully it gets implemented in the near future!


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