Custom-full-width.hbs is gone?

From the above tutorial on Ghost’s website, it specifies how to create a custom post template. But the file being linked to is broken, since the GitHub repository is probably private.

Is it possible for someone to provide custom templates, e.g. the one references in the tutorial?

At first, rename it as custom-full-width.hbs file, i can see you used capital C. but using small letter in file name is standard.
Then make sure you used {{!< default}} at the beginning of your custom template file, so all the scripts and default code will show in that page.

Here is an example of it.

{{!< default}}
{{> "header"}} 
{{> home-slider background=feature_image}} 
{{> "section-feature-box"}}
<div class="no-padding-top">
{{> "section-explore-topic"}}
{{> "section-team"}}
{{> "section-callout-block"}}
{{> "section-need-help"}}

We used that code in custom-home-v3.hbs for Doxy - Online Documentation and Support Portal Ghost Theme

Contact me if you still need help.

You must have misunderstood, I know how it works.

I just need the file, since the hbs file is not public anymore.

@MLFromScratch there’s nothing special about that file, it’s a copy of post.hbs to custom-full-width.hbs and then it has some class names changed.

I’ll ping the docs team to remove the link as it sounds like it’s confusing the situation now that the file no longer exists.