Custom-*.hbs templates on windows dev env

I’m having a problem with ghost 4.x in that my custom-*.hbs in the root template directory are not being recognized by ghost on my local dev server which is just running natively under windows. Thus, when I create a page/post there is no option to select a Template to use, as ghost does not see any custom templates and assumes the default. If I zip up the template and upload to my prod environment (Linux), it works just fine. Is there a dev/windows settings which I may be missing locally?

HI @mbajkowski,
In ghost, custom template and pages file can not be tracked without ghost restarted. When you create a new file or custom template file in root directory, run ghost restart in command line.

When ghost is restarted, the template or file will be tracked and you can select the template from page or post settings.

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Great. This seems to have been it. I could swear I tried that before, but what do you know, it worked. Maybe something I missed after upgrading to most recent version and moving over template. Thanks!