Custom templates

I’ve followed the steps of

But I can’t select the template in the post settings sidebar, because the template dropdown is not visible!
I’m using the latest version 5.54.

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How are you making changes to your theme? If you’re editing/uploading files directly on the server did you restart Ghost after adding the custom template file?

And you made sure that the filename starts with custom- right, and ends in .hbs? :slight_smile: I debugged a problem for someone last week that had an extra space in the filename after the .hbs. And so it wasn’t a .hbs file any more, and Ghost didn’t recognize it!

I’m guessing Kevin’s right (well, of course) and that you just need a restart, but if that’s not it, I’d triple check that file name.

I did: ghost restart - but always the same. I had another theme with “create-ghost-theme”, because I need tailwindcss.
But when I switch to Casper - always the same.
Now I installed ghost from scratch → and that worked, the template-drowdown is visible :-)

I was only testing (ghost install local) the first time, because I’m looking for a cms that’s suitable for me → for landing pages and smaller websites
I made websites with typo3, drupal, vue/nuxt with headless cms (strapi, directus) and tested a lot (apostrophe …

ghost looks fine :-)