Custom Twitter Excerpt (lead)

Is it possible to enable Twitter autosharing that will use the custom excerpt that won’t replicate one i have on the website.

For example, i want to have excerpt A without hashtags and stuff on my website and excerpt B with hashtags and mentions in the sentence for Twitter.

I’ve tried doing it through zapier, but the only thing i found is the solution that adds the category with # at the end of each tweet. Twitter is a crucial part of our website’s marketing strategy, i am ready to implement any solution that will help us (including custom coding etc)

There is a twitter_description field that would seem like what you want, that you set on the same pullout menu as the custom_excerpt:

There’s also this Zap: Create tweets in Twitter for new posts published in Ghost (with hashtags)

It looks like you could modify it (or the version without hashtags, if you don’t want them auto-appended) to pull in the twitter description instead of the custom_excerpt. Or you might want some better logic to grab the custom_excerpt if the twitter_description is blank.

When you’re on the Preview screen, before publishing a post, you can click on any of the meta data fields to edit them with custom content:

If you then set up an automation (like Zapier) to auto-tweet when a new post is published, it will pull in this data automatically.

If you wanted to customise the actual content of the Tweet, rather than the structured data, that’s also something you could potentially do with Zapier

yes, i wanted to customise the actual content of the Tweet and include hashtags. Unfrotunately, i couldn’t find anything in Zapier that would allow me to do so. You can actually use twitter_description to change the content of the tweet but it would also be replicated in the excerpt on the link itself, which i don’t need or want (pic related).

The problem with fetching the twitter_description is that it will appear in the link attached to the tweet which means tweet’s content will be duplicated. I want to have a custom tweet content and link with the excerpt from the website, so using twitter_description isn’t possible.

Gotcha. Could you use the Facebook description or one of the other SEO fields to hold what you want to have be the body of the tweet?

I’ve tried, but Facebook doesn’t seem to be an option in Zapier when setting up the Twitter posting. I’ll try some other SEO fields. I wonder if Ghost can add something that would make it all easier. I mean, it’s a critical function for any website that’s willing to become something more than just a personal blog.

I think you’re mistaken. When I use the Zap link above an edit it, I can choose og:description from the many options, and that’s that Facebook description field.

Here’s a link to the edited Zap:

And here’s what I’m getting:

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Ok, now it works. I was looking for “facebook_description” rather than “og:description”. Thank you so much, wouldn’t have figured it out without your help. I created a simplified zap