Pipedream - Zapier on crack, basically

Supports hooks from Content API and Admin API

  1. Start a workflow, add a trigger and get an API hook. Add it to Ghost Integrations.
  2. Pipedream: “OK, fire the hook, I’ll let you know what I find and label it”
  3. Thank you, event received, this is what I’ve got - labeled and ready to access in your workflow.
  4. Add processing steps, re-using data from the hook/API from a drop down menu.

Need special processing? Add a Node.JS step and process the data received.
Temporary storage, e-mail attachment processing…

  1. Outbound, create an API request to any service/API and fire a new hook, process
    the response and continue…

Built the Ghost new post → Twitter post integration with a few clicks. Amazing stuff.

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Do you know a way to post on Twitter from Ghost automatically, like it was possible from Zapier before Elon took control?

Yes, I’m doing that with Pipedream. New post → New Tweet.
DM me and I’ll set it up for you. /magnus