Additional email footer (for better marketing)

The current email footer is great, and kind of admin-looking. That’s what I use it for. No notes!

I’m a Ghost Pro user, and would love to be able to modify my theme with an additional, prettier footer. Something with the the look and feel of the Ghost cards: it would look pretty, and be set off from the preceding/subsequent text. It would be included in every email (until I changed/deleted it) and not appear on the web.

My use case: I don’t currently use my newsletter to sell or market my services. I recently read a “best practice” piece that made me consider blurbing myself, a brief “about” section. I thought the place to do it would be near the end of the mail.

Not a designer, lol, but attaching a crude mockup. The pink box is my imagined persistent footer/card.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.