Strange Formatting Issues


We are encountering a strange issue where what we are viewing in the preview pane (side-by-side) is not what is processed for publishing. I can’t figure out why. I am provided screenshots below of how the format in the side-by-side is rather standardized but the format on the actual post is all wonky.


Here is another example of one of our posts that is publicly posted but was posted with wonky formatting despite being correctly formatted within the draft:

We are running version 1.20.0


Here is the published version of the side-by-side photo (it would only let me put on in the initial post).



Hi @megan201296 :wave: Looking at the generated HTML of your post it all looks fine :thinking:

The formatting is due to the theme you are using which is beyond Ghost’s control, you’d need to either modify the theme to your liking, contact the theme developer, or switch to a different theme.

If it’s actually the HTML output that isn’t matching what you expect then an excerpt of the markdown code and the resulting HTML would be much more useful to see what the problem may be and why it might be happening :slight_smile:


Hey @megan201296

I closed your issue on GitHub, as it’s not a bug in Ghost. Please let us know, when you have further questions or our reply didn’t help you. :blush:

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