Dark vs. Light theme on webs

Which theme do you preffer?

Also, I suggest that posts could include polls, I don’t yet have access to ideas forum.

As a user? I like having the option. I have fairly poor vision, so during the day I really need light mode in order to have enough contrast - if your site is dark mode only, I’m not going to stay for long.
However, I also like to read in bed, and there I need dark mode…

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Light for days, dark for nights :)

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I prefer dark for all the time.

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I prefer ghost themes that have automatic dark/light mode based on the browsers setting (like Casper). Less is more.

The best answer for all users is choice. If you only have one theme, I think it has to be light. Dedicated users of a dark-only internet are likely already using a browser theme to make sites dark.

Speaking as someone who just built a dark theme into a paid Ghost theme that didn’t have one, the best way to go is with three choices:

Light - Dark - System

Where system allows the users OS to decide, and it needs to be made to be responsive to changes so that people who have their OS set to change to dark at night will see your site do that for them.

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Dark all the time. It’s better for my eyes.