DDOS attack on digital ocean droplet means data from Ghost blog is lost. How to recover it?

I just had a DDOS attack on my droplet and I had to destroy it.

The issue is that the droplet stored data I needed to recover but I’ve not followed the recovery steps from Digital Ocean checklist.

I’ve now destroyed it so not sure whether there’s still a way to get the data from my ghost blog.

Thanks in advance!

@Charly_Wargnier unless you’ve made exports/backups to keep data stored off of the droplet there’s no way to retrieve data that’s been destroyed.

If you don’t have backups you can try reaching out to DigitalOcean support to see if there’s anything they can do.

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Thanks Kevin!

I did a snapshot of the now destroyed droplet

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Would you know to recover it?


Hey @Charly_Wargnier! :wave:

DigitalOcean have a short guide on restoring a snapshot - How to Create or Restore Droplets from Snapshots :: DigitalOcean Documentation - but seeing as you deleted your Droplet, you should be able to click the dropdown and Create Droplet from there! :slightly_smiling_face: