Default share image?

I have a custom page template. Now when I share on fb/twitter no image is used. Is there a CSS class I should use that is the default share image for fb/twitter? Would rather not set all the pages manually uploading 2x images per page. If i can attach a CSS class to the image that will then specify it as the default share image that would be best, any idea?


So the {{ghost_head}} helper is designed to take care of all of that for you. If you can’t use it, you’ll have to manually add those HTML tags.

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I think i have to manually add the tags, I can not use ghost_head helper in this case. Where can I find the contents of ghost_head so I can see what tags to add?

My suggestion would be to compare the generated output with and without using the helper. You can use WinMerge on Windows, and I don’t use OSX so I can’t give you a good suggestion there.

In Chrome and Firefox, you can view the page source with Right Click -> View Page Source to get the generated output

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