[Prototype] New file management

Many publications require a lot of organization of memory and files.

  • Manage content by selecting post, page or folders
  • Manage URLs in batches by selecting multiple publications
  • Replaces or deletes system files not only from the publication.
  • Warnings about the files
  • And many more options and tools

It is not a simple file manager, it is one adapted to a CMS like Ghost.

** Based on the aesthetics of Filepond by Pqina*


Perhaps this prototype can serve as inspiration for that idea or plan you have.

Continuing the discussion from Better image/file management & optimisation:

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This would be great!


This, together with a internal linking search function would make ghost even better.


This is a much wanted idea. Like many others I am holding off using ghost for certain things simply due to the lack of file manager. I’d be quite happy to use a standalone (self-hosted) file manager to do the heavy lifting like renaming files and so on, but not quite sure how I could be able to call those files when in ghost (like, can I make a special card for those files?)

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Now this I can fully get behind. We absolutely should be able to highlight text and type out a url and Ghost search through our existing URLs so that we can easily internal link. Maybe this has now been done as this post is older but if it has I don’t know how to do it. What I have had to do is make a spread sheet of all my post and have them organized by categories and then sub categories and then the url so I can build a massive bridge of internal links as this is (in my eyes) the 3rd most important aspect of SEO, strong back links being #1, and quality content #2.

Do you have a better way of managing this process for yourself?

From an SEO standpoint, it’s advisable to avoid excessive internal linking and aim for variety. For instance, I recommend limiting internal links from all your website pointing to the same page to around 5-10 at most, rather than 20-30. It’s important also to vary the anchor text.

Regarding my process, I don’t have a set routine. I simply use the search tool on the website to locate the desired pages, copy the URL from the address bar, and then paste it into the editor while selecting the anchor text. Although this method may be slow, I remain committed to the platform despite missing certain features available on WordPress. Hopefully, improvements are on the horizon.

I’d really love to see this, even if it’s a simple file manager as having to continuously upload the same images is waste of space, especially for large publications such as news sites.

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share here an update regarding this idea:

I’ve posted the work I’m doing on it in the following thread.

This feature, for me, is quite critical due to the hosting platform that I’m using. :slight_smile:


@marceloadsj Incredible everything you are developing! Congratulations and please count on me and my team if you need graphic resources or any solution about design.

I will be answering in the development forum thread all the progress you have. :grinning:

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