[Prototype] New file management

Many publications require a lot of organization of memory and files.

  • Manage content by selecting post, page or folders
  • Manage URLs in batches by selecting multiple publications
  • Replaces or deletes system files not only from the publication.
  • Warnings about the files
  • And many more options and tools

It is not a simple file manager, it is one adapted to a CMS like Ghost.

** Based on the aesthetics of Filepond by Pqina*


Perhaps this prototype can serve as inspiration for that idea or plan you have.

Continuing the discussion from Better image/file management & optimisation:

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This would be great!

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This, together with a internal linking search function would make ghost even better.


This is a much wanted idea. Like many others I am holding off using ghost for certain things simply due to the lack of file manager. I’d be quite happy to use a standalone (self-hosted) file manager to do the heavy lifting like renaming files and so on, but not quite sure how I could be able to call those files when in ghost (like, can I make a special card for those files?)

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