Demo Content for Testing and Development

If you need some dummy content for testing themes and/or development, here is a file you can import into your site in the


This is great, thanks a lot.

Be aware that this will overwrite any and all settings you have made in Ghost admin including logo, banners, colour accent, navigation and more.

Thanks @denvergeeks! Useful stuff.

I believe the url should have hyphens. I get a 404 when I click on the link, but the page is there at Ghost site Demo Content.

Hey thanks @curiositry for catching that URL error (which I have now corrected) - I rebuilt the site and had used the non-hyphenated URL for a short time.

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Yes @victor-sopot this is VERY important to understand! This is only useful for testing and development!

ALWAYS keep your site backed up!!!

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I’m feeling rather silly now. I have pushed first version of a Ghost site online with this dummy data, how do I go about clearing it all out without losing other settings? :slight_smile:

@victor-sopot – what are the other settings that you want to keep?

Site Title, description? Let me rephrase my question: which settings are included in file? :blush:

I think it would be unrealistic and never complete to try to remove the dummy content through the Admin Settings Panel.

You can delete all posts and pages and tags (Settings > Labs > Delete all content)
You can delete all Staff Members (Settings > Staff)
You can delete all Navigation items (Settings > Primary Navigation)
You can archive all Newsletters (Settings > Members > Email Newsletters > Newsletters)
You can edit the Site Title, Description, etc.

The the site will be cleaned out and certainly usable for practical purposes.

However, you really need to fresh install and not try to re-use the site with the dummy content as a production site.

Thanks, I will do. It technically in a staging environment right now whilst the guy I’m building it for reviews it. I’ll fresh install when ready.

Thanks again! :v:

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