How can I test out a new theme before publishing it?

Hi y’all. I’m new to Ghost and trying to get used to the super-simplified userface. I’d like to experiment with a new theme to see if it will work for my site, but I can’t figure out how. Is there a way to play around with a theme in a staging environment or otherwise preview before installing? Or do I really have no choice but to install without previewing?

For any free themes, you can install Ghost locally and try it out:

Thank you! Interesting that all my Googling didn’t lead me here, but I appreciate it!

As a content marketer/end user who has never used a Javascript command window in my life, this was an intimidating process and I really stumbled through it. Every other CMS lets you preview before saving — just a feature request, I guess!

For sure! Feature requests are always welcome in the #ideas channel. The simplest option, depending on where you are in your publication’s stage, you can also just install the theme, try it out, and then install another. Your data, of course, will carry from theme to theme.

Is there a way to import current content from the published site into the local site?

Export content from published site then import to local site. But images will not show.

I’ve exported/imported JSON file to a new testing site, and need to know if anyone has a method for exporting site images, or if this content needs to be manually uploaded to the new site?

Inclined to say, “Surely that can’t be the only way” and yet that’s exactly what I’m starting to suspect.

Any workarounds here?

Thanks in advance —

Check out: How to migrate data from Ghost to Ghost

Basically, you’re copying your images folder from one install to another.