Deploying comments engine on Ghost Blog

How do I get (GitHub Issues based comments engine) to work on a Ghost blog? Any tutorial for the same?

1.) Where should I add the script (see below) if i want the comments engine framework appear in every blog post but not in pages like HOME, ABOUT US?

<script src=""
        repo="[ENTER REPO HERE]"

2.) Is it possible to deploy this comments engine on a static ghost blog hosted on GitHub pages, created using this tutorial ?

You could use either handlebars or javascript to figure out which kind of page you’re on, and load the script if you’re on the right kind of page.

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Thank you for your reply :+1:.
Will []( work on a statically generated (using buster) ghost blog and hosted on GitHub Pages or will it only work if ghost is deployed on a live server (like AWS EC2) ?

It runs client side, so there’s not an obvious reason it won’t work.

Hi Cathy, Thanks for your feedback. Based on your last reply, I was searching for some tutorial online on how to add this to a ghost blog post and I came across this - Add comments with utterances

What I don’t understand from this tutorial is:
1.) When I searched in my Finder the local ghost folder for utils, I only see many results showing utils.js and not utils.jl ! Where is the utils.jl file in the ghost local folder structure to add this hfun_* function ? Do you think utils.jl was a typo in the blog?
2.) Is hfun_* represents some special class of functions belonging to hfun, and the * after the hfun_ means any name could follow like hfun_addcomments() ?

Would greatly appreciate if you could kindly assist or clarify this small issue.

Here are other posts I came across regarding deploying
Working examples and tutorials on adding to a ghost blog
2.) TechFlak - Ghost Blog with Github issues (edited)

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a .jl file is a julia file. I don’t know much about julia, so can’t help you there. You might want to contact the tutorial author.

Can’t we do something like that in Javascript or in one of the .hbs?