Installing utterances commenting system to finally replace Disqus


If you don’t know utterances see how it looks here:
It’s awesome if you ask me. I tried to put it on my own blog and it does not work at the moment.

I’m following the setup guide here: Steps 1-2-3 are done.
Now I need to embed the script:

I insert the script in my post.hbs file like this:

I reload a post I have on my blog and I can see the script in the source code:


Nothing is showing up :frowning:
Any ideas?

technical stuff

I currently don’t see any script in your website’s source code.

Getting closer!

I looked in the source code of I saw this:

<!-- Enable comments / -->
    (function() {
        if (location.pathname === '/') {
        var main = document.querySelector('main');
        var script = document.createElement('script');
        script.setAttribute('repo', 'pascalandy/pascalandy-site');
        script.setAttribute('issue-term', 'pathname');

The issue with this is that the comments are appearing in posts and pages. Of course, I would like to have the comments only within my posts :)

I guess at this point it’s only a question of formatting the script properly.

Oh you are right. It was gone as I was messing around. It’s back!

Post your post.hbs file here.
If you can’t then add that script of utterance after </footer> tag and under <section class="post-full-comments">

The repo attribute value should be in “owner/repo” format, rather than a full url to the repo.


@Ayu You are right. Now it works!!
@jdanyow Ah! I missed this one. I would suggest to give a warning or an example :slight_smile:


<section class="post-full-comments">
  {{!-- Enable comments / --}}
  <script src=""

from my post.hbs file:

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