Difference between confirmed & unconfirmed members


Is there an easy way to tell the difference between members who have confirmed their subscription and those who haven’t?

I’m using Zapier integrations to collect emails and my members list appears to have spammy emails in it and I’m like to tidy things up.

Many thanks for any help you’re able to provide.

Using Ghost Portal, members will need to double opt in to confirm their membership, and that will ensure a low spam rate since real people subscribe to the email list.

Zapier requires more work to refine the emails, as there are a lot of spam bots that will automatically opt-in via HTML forms. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Implement a second anti-spam layer for subscriber forms, similar to Google reCapcha to aganst bot.
  2. Add one more Zapier task that validates emails. Zapier > 3rd validator service > yout ghost site.
  3. Use 3rd HTML form service that in-built anti spam bot
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Hey! These are all good suggestions.

My concern though is that I might still have real humans entering their emails but not confirming their subscriptions (the confirmation email is still being sent out by Ghost through the Zapier integration, it just doesn’t do anything). I would therefore hold their email without proof of consent which is against GDPR.

Is there not a way to collect email via Zapier and have Ghost process that incoming email as if it were collected via the Portal?

Also, just to double back to my original question, is there a way of differentiating between confirmed and unconfirmed members in Ghost?

The Admin API has a way to create a member. I don’t believe it triggers a confirmation email to them if the member is created this way. I believe Zapier could be used to call this API, but I haven’t tried that.

I have and it works great. I really recommend inviting people instead of having them sign up themselves if there’s a problem with spam and/or unconfirmed members. I myself have issues with a “stalker” leaving nasty comments, and doing this hopefully will help, even if it means more work on my end. I still only have 4 members including myself, so interest is low so far. And that’s fine.

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