Zapier Automation - Send sign-up confirmation


I’m trying out Zapier automation as a way of capturing email addresses. What I’d like do is this:

  • Pass email from a form to Zapier
  • Pass email from Zapier to Ghost
  • Ghost sends a confirmation link to email
  • When the user clicks the confirmation link, then they are signed up.

At the moment, I can get the form to pass the email to Zapier, and to pass this to Ghost as a confirmed member. But I’d like to get Zapier to tell Ghost to just send a confirmation link (rather than directly adding the member).

My settings on Zapier using the Create Member in Ghost action are:

  • Subscribed to newsletter: False
  • Send Email to Member: Yes
  • Type of Email to Send: Signup Confirmation
  • Complimentary Premium Plan: False

I’m probably missing something obvious… But I’d like to keep this double opt-in, and Zapier seems to vault over the confirmation stage to directly add the user as a confirmed member.

Any thoughts?