Members created without confirmation via Zapier


I’m using a form plugin on my Wordpress site to get new signups. Names and emails are then sent to Ghost via Zapier.

Members are currently being created in Ghost immediately without the need for members to confirm their membership. The confirmation email is also being sent, but it’s obviously superfluous at this point.

I’m getting a lot of spammy emails and unconfirmed members (i.e. members who haven’t logged in) in my member list and it’s becoming unmanageable. I’d love it if members added via Zapier could go through the usual confirmation process.

Any solutions would be very gratefully received.

Thank you!

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Has ghost given you answers to this problem?

Regretfully not. I’ve searched high and low for solutions, but to no avail so far.

The only advance (I think) I’ve made is the discovery that it is possible to trigger the 2-step signup process via the API. It seems though that the Zapier integration is bypassing it.

It really is causing me a headache. I don’t feel like I can send out emails at the moment as I can’t differentiate between those who have confirmed their sub and those who haven’t.