Difference between /content and /versions directory? do I need /content?

Hello, I am currently developing a custom theme on ghost and had some issues with the /content and /versions directories.

I’ve had developed a custom layout but as soon as I make changes in the /content directory they won’t apply to the website.
So my question is: Do I need the /content directory? Cause the changes in /versions work pretty fine.

Also: When I update ghost-CLI (I’m currently on version 3.42.0) it creates a new folder and I have to manually paste my theme into the /version/theme folder for it to work again.
Is that the way to go? And if yes, can I delete the older version folder once it’s updated?

I’m not using any databases, this is a local project and I am solely trying to create a basic structure for a website.

Please let me know if you need any further information to answer my questions, thanks.

Themes in your /content folder should work.
Which command you have used to install Ghost? Is it
ghost install
ghost install local

When you setting up Ghost for theme development purpose in your local machine it is recommended that you use ghost install local

You can see full instruction here How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux

I used ghost install local just as its stated in the instructions to set up the machine.

I tried to add a custom page to the website and followed the tutorials, it’s not working in the /content directory but when I put it in the /versions directory everything is working.

did you put it in content/themes or in content?

To answer your question, the content folder is used for user-generated content, while the versions folder contains the last few versions of Ghost you installed. You should not touch the versions folder since the CLI manages it.