Is there a way to change the sign-in feature?

I’m using the hosted version directly with ghost $9 plan but will upgrade when , website:

I have my website set to private so no new sign-ups are allowed. The sign-in feature still works and asks for an email. I had tested to see what would happen if I added an email to sign-in, the email provided is not one associated with active members. It displays this next image:
ghost

Is there a way to inform the the email provided is not registered? customize that screen?

I believe this is a security feature that prevents people from knowing whether or not someone’s email address has been used to register an account on the site.

Although some websites do use different wording such as “If the email address you have entered is associated with an account, you will receive an email shortly.”

But you generally do not want to let people check if somebody else (whose email address they know) has an account on a website, and that is what they could do if you informed them that the email provided was not registered.

P.S. Your website is not currently set to private.

Thank you DonaldH,

Indeed it is not private but you shouldn’t be able to sign-up (private) as a member. Thanks for the explanation, it makes since. I do like the other wordings: “If the email address you have entered is associated with an account, you will receive an email shortly."

Is it possible to change it to that, or something similar? Telling someone to check their email and that it should arrive in 3 minutes is almost a let down of expectation. I ok if no solutions exist but wanted to have the option to have changed.

You can definitely change it.
You can do it yourself if you have the ability to edit the code.

I love that Ghost is an open source project that you can modify.

We made the changes here:

Ps: In my case I have Ghost installed on my own server.

Thank you for the instructions. I now need to figure out where portals.js is located but most importantly, which program opens the file and allows the changes.