Disabling unwanted integrations / functions

New user to Ghost, though I’ve built my own sites for a long long time. Right now I’m struggling to understand how to completely disable some of the unwanted functions within Ghost - for example, I do not have a Facebook page or Twitter account, and so I don’t want to have facebook and twitter “clutter” in the pages or headers. I don’t want to make my posts use Codepen, or embed spotify or soundcloud (maybe these are editor tweaks that are also invisible).

Out of the box, though, I seem to have facebook and twitter-specific meta properties despite blanking out the facebook and twitter URLs, along with script (JSON data). It all seems to be delivered by ghost_head, which doesn’t seem to be customisable. Am I missing something obvious here?

Naively, I also tried to find these under Integrations on the admin page, but that only shows 6 integrations (two of which are “Active” but I can’t turn off or remove those either).

I must be missing something but I can’t find anything in the documentation or in the forums. So … where do I find the documentation on removing the unwanted pieces? Or is this a case of “Ghost is not for me”?

The meta data in your <head> aren’t related to your Twitter or Facebook account, but rather structured data to tell Twitter and Facebook what do show when somebody else shares your blog on Twitter.

Imagine, I come across a post you write and I want to share that on Twitter – simply because it’s awesome. That meta data then tells Twitter what title, description, and image to show. If you don’t have that, Twitter will either come up with its own or not show anything “nice” at all.

In regards to integrations: as long as you don’t use them (e.g. fill something in), they aren’t “active”.

If you want to remove the meta data from your <head>, you need to remove the {{ghost_head}} from the theme you’re using.

@Cathy_Sarisky has also written about replacing the {{ghost_head}} (though for other reasons) on her blog, so might be interesting for you if you want to understand what it does even better:

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