💌 New email requirements in 2024: What you need to know

Beginning in February 2024, Google and Yahoo are introducing new requirements to make email more secure and less spammy. This doc discusses how these changes affect Ghost users.

:bulb: Ghost(Pro) has already implemented changes to comply with these requirements. See our help docs or reach out to support to learn more.

Who does this affect?

The new email requirements only affect Ghost publications which send newsletters to at least 5,000 recipients per day. If your publication falls under this threshold, these requirements don’t apply to you.

What do Ghost sites need to do?

The good news is that many Ghost sites are likely already compliant and don’t need to do anything.

  • Update Ghost to the latest version. In recent releases, we’ve updated Ghost to comply with these new requirements, including the ability for members to easily unsubscribe and better support for custom-sending domains.
  • Configure DMARC records for email domains and confirm SPF and DKIM records are configured correctly. These records are set via your DNS, not via Ghost.

Will this affect my deliverability?

Google and Yahoo’s new requirements are significant. These changes are being gradually rolled out and may initially encounter some issues. With that in mind, we expect to see volatility in deliverability rates across the entire email industry for the next few months.

In the long run, though, this will be a big win for reputable newsletters with less cluttered inboxes, a better experience for readers, and more security for senders.


More questions?

These new requirements promise a better email experience that’s more secure and less spammy :love_letter:

However, dealing with these requirements is complex. Drop any additional questions or difficulties below for community support, and we’ll do our best to help.


I have added DMARC DNS records for my Ghost(Pro) site to my domain’s DNS, and confirmed that the records are in place and valid via demarcian and other online tools.

I immediately noticed that signup emails from my site are now going directly into my Spam folder, which is concerning, but hopefully not wholly unexpected (considering we were told to expect deliverability issues…).

I guess the question(s) is(are), what’s the best way to confirm that everything is indeed setup correctly, that my site’s “sender” repuation is improving, and at what point should we be concerned enough to get more direct support/assistance?

If you’re on Ghost(Pro), your best bet is to reach out to support. They’ll be able to confirm everything is valid and answer any additional concerns about deliverability.


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