Docker containers using Windows LCOW (not Linux containers on Windows)

Has anyone been able to run Windows containers and Linux containers side by side on Windows 10?

Docker have recently introduced a feature called LCOW where you can run windows containers and linux containers side by side by passing a --platform=linux flag and I’ve tested this working with running a windows server core image and a linux nginx image side by side.

However, when I try to run Ghost’s latest image (haven’t tried previous)

docker run --platform=linux -p 3001:2368 ghost

I get an error saying

tar: themes/casper: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

I should note that, using the Docker for Windows’ “Switch to Linux Containers” feature works like a charm but it would be good if we cross container support side by side.

Has anyone had any luck?

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