Documentation on Getting OAuth2 Working With External Provider

Is there any documentation on using OAuth2 with Ghost with Google/Github etc.?

If it isn’t available yet in the official container, can I build from master and create my own container and use it?

  • How was Ghost installed and configured?
    Docker ghost:3.38.3

  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?
    Spin up Ghost and look for documentation on using oauth2.

There is very little difference between master and official releases, everything in master is released roughly every fortnight.

There’s no documentation because there’s no oauth2 feature. If you’d like to vote on it there’s an existing Ideas topic here Third party Single Sign On (SSO)

Hey Kevin! Thanks for your quick response. I have voted and it seems like this is the most requested non-planned feature on Ghost but I see no discussion from any of the devs about implementing it.

@Kevin - thanks for clearing up how master and official releases work. How does Beta and open source differ?

Here is seems there is OAuth2 support in the highest tier of price plans. Do Beta branches get released on some kind of timescale too?