Does anybody use FastComet?

Does anybody use FastComet for any of their installations?

I recently moved two of my websites to FastComet, on the advice of @DenverGeeks. I had been using DigitalOcean droplets, but was getting tired of security updates. Their tech support was very responsive and responsible. There were a few issues that arose, and they were quickly elevated to a more senior person who fixed them right away. I was impressed enough to increase my commitment from one year to two.

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That’s great to hear. Best of luck on your ventures.

What sort of traffic are you able to handle, if you don’t mind my asking?

Thanks, Kairos. Unfortunately my sites aren’t exactly “popular” so I can’t give any insight into higher traffic responses. I have the middle tier, but for just a little bit more monthly they do have a 3rd tier with more CPUs and fewer users, which one can switch to at any point. I’d be interested it how it goes if you end up with FC. Good luck!

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I have had good experiences with FC as well. You can read more about my experience here . . .

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I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks for the tips.

About to read it, thanks denvergeeks

I’ve actually read your article before - good stuff. Thanks again.