Put Ghost on production mode

Hello, I have installed Ghost with DigitalOceap Droplet, but appear on development mode, how to change it to production mode??

How did you install? Why do you think it’s in development mode?

I have installed on fastcomet with a tool.

I know due the screencapture.

I have put mailgun smtp and api and it doesn’t send mails either.

You’ll likely need to speak to Fastcomet about the development/production change. Ghost uses the NODE_ENV environment variable to switch between development and production. Environment variables are set outside of Ghost and will be part of how Ghost was set up on Fastcomet.

Something to bear in mind is that changing mode may result in a different database being used - something to also bring up with your host support.

As for email, development/production mode won’t change how that works, if it’s not working now then switching mode won’t fix it. What errors are you getting when sending email?

Thanks Kevin, I will open a ticket. About emails, I don’t have any message error, on stats appear as send correctly but it never appear on inbox. =(

Have you checked in your Mailgun account to see if the individual emails were delivered? Have you checked your spam folders?

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