Ghost 4.7 upgrade issues on FastComet Shared Hosting

Hi All, I’m hosting my ghost site at fast comet (FastCloud Plus) account. While I sought their help to upgrade the ghost installation from 4.4 to 4.7, they are stating that I can’t run it with the present subscription and need to move to VPS/DS subscription. It doesn’t look right to me.


The following is what they are pasting as error.

[rajeshts@in9 ~]$ /home/rajeshts/node_modules/ghost-cli/bin/ghost --version
Ghost-CLI version: 1.17.3
[rajeshts@in9 ~]$ node --version

I was then successfully able to update your Ghost application:

[rajeshts@in9 blog]$ /home/rajeshts/node_modules/ghost-cli/bin/ghost --version
Ghost-CLI version: 1.17.3
Ghost version: 4.7.0

From there, upon attempting to start it, it returned the following error:

Message: The installed node version has changed since Ghost was installed.
Help: Run ghost update 4.7.0 --force to re-install binary dependencies.

As such, I ran ghost update 4.7.0 --force in order to reinstall all binary dependencies, however, I encounter an error of insufficient resources:

/home/rajeshts/.nvm/versions/node/v14.17.0/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/node-gyp-bin/node-gyp: fork: Cannot allocate memory

I am a network guy and not a programmer. Would appreciate any help you can provide.

Cheers, Rajesh

Node14.15.0 is not supported by Ghost; can you try upgrading to 14.16.1 and ghost update 4.7.0 --force

Thanks Vikas. I’ll ask them to do this and see if it helps. Will update back.

However, in the output above (the last line), it looks to me that they have tried with node version 14.17.0


Hi Vikas, they tried and they are saying this. Isn’t ghost built to work on shared hosting services?

We have once more tried to fulfil your request, however, the results are the same as when attempting to upgrade the dependencies the memory required is higher than the available for your shared ‘FastCloud Plus -’ hosting account. All of our shared hosting packages will not be able to provide the required memory in order for the dependencies to be upgraded and as such if you would like this to be possible, you should consider upgrading to one of your VPS/Dedicated solutions. You can review them from the following links:

Can you have them run ghost stop before attempting to upgrade?

They aren’t willing to do anything further and persistent in having me pay more! I’m looking at alternatives now.

@Rajesh_Sivanandan I have 2 FastComet hosting accounts -

Firstly, I have the FastCloud Extra (which has 6GB Ram and 6 processors).

Your current plan (FastCloud Plus) has 3GB Ram and 4 processors.

Secondly, I have the Cloud 3 VPS running 30 or so of my development and testing Ghost instances.

Before upgrading to a VPS I would first try upgrade to the FastCloud Extra.

Also – even on my FastCloud Extra shared hosting account, there are times when running updates has failed due to Ram and Inode limitations until I did one or both of these things prior to running updates or installing new Ghost instances:

  1. Delete the contents of the .cache/yarn/v6 folder, i.e. all of the files in the directory /home/yourdirectory/.cache/yarn/v6

You can do this in the File manager like so…

  1. Also delete any leftover Ghost versions (old versions remaining in the version folder) other than the current one.

  1. Delete/Remove any instances of Ghost in that hosting account that you are not using. You can do this in the Ghost Publishing Platform…


In response to your question…

FastComet is the one and only shared hosting that provides this truly one-click installation platform for Ghost instances from within a cPanel. (At least that I have ever been able to find.)

All of that said, I just tried updating one of my Ghost instances on my FastComet FastCloud Extra (shared hosting) account. It failed due to the outdated node.js version 10.15.0

There is a post about that here:

@denvergeeks, Wow, thank you very much for your time to take screenshots, man. This is really something.

Basically, I would’ve tried this had their node version be adequate to support the latest version of ghost. They don’t seem to be interested in doing it as well.

Right now, I’m thinking if I should move to itself to their starter plan.

In case, if I get to try your suggestions, I will definitely post back.

Cheers, Rajesh

A bit late, only saw this in @denvergeeks’s response! Ghost’s officially supported stack probably has some limitations when it comes to shared hosting. That’s probably why FastComet is one of the few shared hosting services that offers Ghost :slight_smile:

@Rajesh_Sivanandan I submitted an update request on my FastComet shared hosting account, and here is the response I received:

I would like to inform you that currently, the Node.js version on our shared hosting servers cannot be updated globally per your request.

The Node.js version should be updated globally on all shared servers, such as the one your account resides on, however, this is still being tested and we are unable to specify a timeframe for the upgrade.

Considering this, we can update Ghost to the version by creating a virtual environment which will run under Node.js “v14”, however, you will not be able to manage the application via the “Ghost Publishing Platform” tool in cPanel. The application would need to be started and stopped via the aforementioned virtual environment manually.

Via the aforementioned virtual environment, we would be able to set the needed Node.js and Ghost-cli versions in order to finalize the update.

Below are the contents of my update request ticket – what I sent to FastComet Support:

Hello - Ghost instances in the Ghost Publishing Platform are no longer able to update.

Please see the attached screenshot.

Could someone please:

1) update the node.js on txpro11 to v14.16.1

2) update the Ghost-CLI to version: 1.17.3

Or, please migrate my account to a different server which is updated to these versions.

Here is a helpful post from the staff addressing this issue:

Thank you!!!

I had to leave fastcomet because they couldn’t host Ghost properly. There was that critical bug recently that Ghost asked everyone to update for, and fastcomet couldn’t do it because the OS on the server was too old. It looks like they’re running old tech on their cheaper plans, hence the encouragement for you to upgrade. I wasn’t able to pay more, so I had to choose between ceasing my hosting or having a vulnerable Ghost installation. I hope you have better success!


I moved over to Ghost Pro.

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I can confirm that FastComet has now upgraded their shared servers for compatibility with the recent changes in Ghost requirements.

Everything went smoothly today when I updated my Ghost-O-Matic site (from the web-based Terminal in my Cpanel) from v4.4.0 to 4.10.2

I’m on the FastCloud Extra plan. This is my third year on that plan.

I actually find their support (always) quick (5-15 minute response time) and (with rare exception) very helpful. I think they are a great value, and at least as reliable as (and way more responsive than) any of the other dozen or so shared hosting companies I’ve used over the years.

With the FastCloud Extra plan on FastComet does it let you have all the functionality to the Dashboard as though you were running ghost on with a pro plan?

Yes, the Admin area of the Ghost is the same anywhere that it is hosted. FastComet provides cPanel one-button installation. You can run 5 or 6 Ghost blog instances on the FastCloud Extra Plan. Since it provides cPanel you also have direct access to editing, uploading and downloading of all of the files in your Ghost installations through the web-based File Manager in cPanel. I hope this helps.