Does anyone know what this means?

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So every time a member pays, I see “Changed payment subscription”. They haven’t changed their subscription. I asked support about it and I was told that they did not know either. I am assuming it has something to do with. the bank declining / accepting the charge, as in Stripe I can see where it says “payment failed” and then later down the timeline the charge will go through.

However, this is the first time that I’ve seen MRR + 2.5%. Does this have anything to do with the type of plan this member chose (yearly)? Or does this just denote the Stripe fee? Thanks!

Either way, for both of these, does anyone know for sure what they mean? I appreciate it! Does anyone know why these are declining and then going through?

P.S. If ayone has any suggestions for what to put as your FAQ below your membership page, I’m all ears!

MRR is your “monthly recurring revenue”, in other words, what you should make each month. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Stripe fee. I’m guessing the first line results from a temporary payment failure, and then the lower line is showing you that your MRR went up by $2.5, because the subscription went through?

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Hi! I think this might actually be it. That service starts at $3 a month - I make around $2.5 after fees and contributions. Thank you! The payment still hasn’t gone through yet, and I don’t know if it will because it is international (Canada), but do you know what happens when a payment completely fails? Is the member moved back down to the free version?

Also, perhaps a silly question I can find elsewhere (don’t want to bother you too much), do prices of subscriptions adjust to each country’s currency? (So, for example, if it was a $50 subscription, would it still reflect that if the member paid in a different currency?)

When Stripe gives up on a payment method, the user should get converted to a free membership.

Stripe should be charging your users whatever price you’ve set, in the currency you’ve got set up. If they pay your $50 USD but their credit card is in euros, their bank will do the conversion and charge them an appropriate amount in euros, possibly plus a small fee for doing the conversion.

Ghost doesn’t display multiple currencies, only the one you’ve set.

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Sweet, thank you so much! :D I appreciate it!!