Does cacheing delay updating redirects?

I recently removed some redirects from my redirects.json file.

I get that they are cached in my browser, I can clear that so it isn’t a problem.

However, if I go to Google Search Console, they still appeared to be cached there sometime after the changes.

Also, I use Integrity to scan my site for broken links and it shows these redirects are still in place.

Is there a workaround for this?

To confirm that it’s a cache problem (which could be in one of several places), try tacking on a ?v=literallyanythinghere to the url. The addition of a query string should route you around any caching, and you can confirm that the link DOES work and you’re waiting on a cache expiration.

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Thanks. That worked, but, as is often the case, has exposed another cacheing issue which I’m going to open in another forum post.