Redirects Not Clearing

(Digital Ocean + Cloudflare setup)

I added some redirects with the redirects.json file. Worked great. I didn’t need them anymore, so I updated the redirects file with a clean version.

I restarted ghost server, clear cache from server, cleared cache from Cloudflare. However, people have the redirect cache stuck locally in their browser.

If someone is new to the page, they get the updated correct links - without redirects.
If someone with browser cache visits the page, they get redirected with the old redirects.

Is there any way to fix this or do I have to ask everyone to clear their browser cache?


Seems a lot of people are facing this issue. We are also facing this issue.

If you’ve used 301 (permanent) redirects then browsers will cache those for a really long time. Visitors will need to clear their caches to clear the redirects or you’ll need to keep the redirect and work around it using additional redirects and different page URLs.

Always be careful with 301s/permanent redirects! If you have any doubts about a redirect being permanent use a 302 temporary redirect instead.


Sorry for pulling up an old thread, but I’m also struggling with this issue.

Im working on a ghost-installation v3.42.5,
Where i some time ago set up a lot of redirects by uploading a redirect-file in json-format.

This worked well, the first time around.
And the changes seemed to work straight away.

Now however, then changes I do, do not seem to take any action at all (for example i have removed a redirect for a specific page. But the change is still not “active”. I have also tested in ikognito, without luck.

Changes i did 24 hours a go are still not working.

  • Is it someway i can “force” the changes in redirects to go in to production?
  • Is there any reason why I the first time around had the redirects work straight away, but now for some reason the changes does not have any affect.
  • Any other tips on how to proceed to see that the redirect changes are put in to production ?