Does the Solo theme have tags/categories?

Hey all,

Does the Solo theme have tags or categories? Looking through the demo, I couldn’t see how all of the posts were organized. Is it possible to do this and also, is it possible to display the tags to appear underneath the thumbnail before someone clicks through to read?

Tags (which are categories) are available in all Ghost installs. They’re not theme-specific. What’s theme-specific if whether or if the tags are displayed or used in organizing. If you have the default routes.yaml, your categorized posts will be available at /tag/yourtagname , which you can link to in your menu bar even if you don’t have tags showing otherwise.

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Thanks for the detailed response Cathy - much appreciated. I’m going to go the hosted route and signup to the Starter plan. If I went with the Basho theme by Fueko (which seems to have everything I’m looking for), I’d need to signup to the Creator’s plan as it’s a custom theme so that’s why I was asking about the free Solo theme.

Apologies if this is a stupid question but, do you think I’d be able to display the tags beneath the post thumbnails if I used your method in a Starter plan?

To be 100% clear: I don’t work for Ghost. But I do know that the starter plan doesn’t let you edit your theme, which means that you can’t directly edit the .hbs file and add the tag text. You can control what your menus link to, so you can get the user to tag collections that way, like this page on the demo site: Getting Started - Jamie Solo

It does appear to me that you could add the tag labels you want to Solo using Code Injection, which I believe is available in Ghost Pro’s starter package. How’s your javascript knowledge? You’d need to parse the article tag, which has a tag-tagname class assigned, and use the tagname you extract to add an element with the tag name wherever you want it. It looks pretty straightforward to me, but if that looks like something you don’t want to tackle, I’ve been known to work for gratitude and tea/coffee. :)

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